Jefferson Starship
1976/07/14- Hartford

1. Ride the Tiger
2. Fast Buck Freddie
3. That’s for Sure
4. Love, Lovely Love
5. Hot Water
6. Somebody to Love
7. Ozymandias
8. With Your Love
9. Play on Love
10. Big City
11. Hyperdrive
12. Nighthawk
13. Cruisin’
14. St. Charles
15. Have You Seen the Saucers?
16. Dance with the Dragon
17. Sweeter than Honey
18. Volunteers
19. Miracles
20. White Rabbit
21. Please Come Back
22. Volunteers

1976 was a great year for Jefferson Starship! This concert covers a majority of the tracks from the contemporary albums Red Octopus and Spitfire, as well as just a few classics. Great performance all around, and a somewhat more obscure boot to have if you are a fan of the aforementioned records.!ELJwAaQB!84Xo-MTyUa7TIaPH8gZHuw

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