Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead had an interesting relationship. While Garcia and company were playing covers of his songs since the beginning of their career, and many more that worked their way into steady rotation over the years, Dylan took a bit longer to return the favor. Most importantly, the much maligned tour of 1987 that brought them together reinvigorated Dylan to more interesting touring. Still, his Dead covers were much further between. In fact, there have been two official Grateful Dead and Jerry solo releases compiling only selections of Dylan covers. I present to you here, the reverse!

Bob Dylan
Dylan Is Dead

1. Alabama Getaway (1996/04/27- Toronto, Canada)
2. Jack-A-Roe (1993/11/17 b- Ney York City, The Supper Club)
3. Black Muddy River (1992/04/06- Melbourne, Austrailia)
4. Viola Lee Blues (1997/02/24- Sapporo, Japan)
5. New Minglewood Blues (1996/06/24- Differdange, Luxembourg)
6. West LA Fadeaway (1995/09/23- Ft. Lauderdale, FL, The Edge)
7. Pretty Peggy-O (1993/02/13- London, England)
8. Not Fade Away (2000/04/06- Denver, CO)
9. Friend Of The Devil (1996/07/17- Berlin, Germany)

As you might note, this is a short disc. Dylan hasn’t really covered a dirth of Dead. To round out the compilation, I decided to include a few traditional covers that the dead playded so much, they are for all intents and purposes, their own. About half of the performances are also one-offs, and the few repeated songs were difficult to choose between, as they are always played well. Also, the cover is an edited still of Cate Blanchett from the excellent biopic I’m Not There. Hope You enjoy!!MXoRyJzQ!oF0SJKfPTZIysa2oC-L_Ng

If you are interested in the Grateful Dead and Garcia solo cover compilation albums, I highly recommend them, and they are linked below.

Postcards of the Hanging

Garcia Plays Dylan

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Basically, if you use my link to buy the album, I get a small cut!

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