The Clash
1982/02/01- Tokyo, Japan, Sun Plaza

1. London Calling
2. Safe European Home
3. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
4. Brand New Cadillac
5. Charlie Don’t Surf
6. Clampdown
7. Radio Clash
8. Armagideon Time
9. Jimmy Jazz
10. Tommy Gun
11. Fujiyama Mama (with Pearl Harbour on vocals)
12. Police On My Back
13. White Riot
14. Guns Of Brixton
15. Train In Vain
16. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
17. Koka Kola

While 1982 may have been the beginning of the end for The Clash, they were still the Kings of the punks. On this stop in the Far East, they blazed a tight concert with a few topical treats. Hell yeah!!4OQHgJTQ!V4WaqszvqiKTQO2Npv7crA

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