In Your Mind is a pretty decent album. On its own merit, it provides a nice string of songs that are not only good examples of what Bryan Ferry does, but also lacks many of his worse instincts. He croons over bouncy, horn filled ballads. There’s a few rockers with nice guitar work. The mixing is also very well done, creating a lush, crisp, and well separated sound.

While many people make a big point of separating Ferry’s solo work from Roxy Music, a lot can be gleaned from their relations. In this case, the album was the first after Roxy’s hiatus, and the first Ferry album comprised of entirely original compositions, rather than almost all covers, as the first three were. Unfortunately, these factors also undermine a bit.

The vague praise in the beginning of this review was not without purpose. Coming after Roxy Music’s Siren somewhat mitigates this album’s successes. This album sounds much like the other. In fact, Phil Manzanera and Paul Thompson (both, if you didn’t know, also from Roxy Music) recognizably guest guitar and drum. Ferry can definitely write perfect songs (“Love is the Drug”, “Could It Happen to Me?”, and “Just Another High”, all examples from Siren), but none from In Your Mind particularly stand out. Granted, the lyrics are nowhere near as sophisticated as the formers’, but in this case, simplicity does not equate to intimacy or memorability. They simply come off as throw-away or fair songs that were removed for room by a better track.

At worst, it’s a pale imitation. Diminishing returns of a sequel. I’d wager you probably won’t remember more than a chorus or two after the album is done. At best, you can throw this on if you want more of the ’76 Roxy sound. None of the songs are below average, and some are catchy in the moment. Fortunately, there isn’t a crime in not being able to measure up to something better, especially when compared to a high standard.

In Your Mind

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