Growing up, my parents rented the James Bond films in order for me. I was a big fan. Some of the themes were better than others. McCartney’s “Live and Let Die” will always be a classic, but then I saw the 1985 installment “A View to a Kill”

What a theme! What a video! Perfect blend of the dangerous, epic, mysterious, sleaze, and wonder that embodies James Bond.

I like it so much that I recorded it onto a cassette mix tape while the VHS was playing. Even though I’ve had the official version on CD (now on my Ipod), and found the 7″ single for years, I still half-expect to hear the horseman’s call as the credits fade back into the action of the film.

A year or two after I started buying music, I eventually picked up Duran Duran’s Best of CD, recognizing only this track. I have mixed feelings about the band. Out of the ‘Best’ represented on the disc, I love “Save a Prayer”, “Come Undone”, and “A View to a Kill”, of course. A few other songs are decent, but there are more abominable tracks. Considering this average to be a representation of the band’s output, I haven’t pursued more, but kept an eye out in the dollar records bins for an inexpensive opportunity to chance upon deeper cuts I might like.

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