Marc Almond and The Willing Sinners
1987/05/28- Vredenburg, Utrecht

1. Jackal Jackal
2. Remorse of the Dead
3. Anarcoma
4. There is a Bed
5. In Your Bed
6. Mother Fist
7. For One Moment
8. The River
9. Ruby Red
10. Champ
11. The Devil (Okay)
12. The Bulls
13. Saint Judy
14. Angel in her Kiss
15. One Thousand and Three
16. The Hustler
17. Melancholy Rose
18. Band introduction
19. Always
20. If You Go Away

This is a jewel of my collection. Marc Almond is one of my favorite artists and this era is arguably the most fascinating! Never one to stay in one mood for too long, The Willing Sinners coallesed from the implosion of Soft Cell and Marc and The MambasFrom the sounds of both, Almond released excellent music that evolved towards his masterpiece Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters.  This concert is a perfect representation of the live side of that genius. Excellent sound, wonderfully diverse tracklist, and unquestionable presentation.

In 1987, Marc Almond donned a sailor cap and beconed the crowd to follow him along on a journey. Each song is a vignette; opening the door on the private world of broken characters, lost in the labyrinths of their dramas. Drifting from one scene to another, each track finds the outcasts of society struggling and personified as only Almond can sing.

This is a costal city timelessly encircled with fog and always night. In grimey alleyways, prostitues wait for the sailors. In seedy bars, lifetime losers mingle with heartbroken lovers. Forgotten stars, now old and strung out, relive faded glories of the past. Wander through the exotic marketplaces in search of vices delightful and gross, but the police are always around a corner. Revel in the beauty from tragedy.!JGInXDJQ!RgShKhHq0yzM-FoSbIKmUA

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