Anthem of The Sun is a great album you should pick up if you don’t already own. Like most reissue packages, I have some issues with the choices the current owners went with, but those are minor quibbles.

For $25 (+taxes, s&h), you can get the 2 CD version. Included are remastered versions of the the origninal 1968 and 1971 remix. It’s worthwhile to have them both. There are noticeable differences.  On the second disc is the complete Winterland, San Francisco, CA(10/22/67) performance. While I would have wanted an uncirculating concert I don’t already have, this is an excellent choice, representative of the era in which they were recording the album, the first extant recording of Hart playing in the band, and early alternate lyrics on “The Other One”. Also, one must consider the time constraints, completeness, tracklist, and quality, that have to all work for a large scale release such as this.

For $22 (+taxes, s&h), you can get a 12″ picture disc vinyl of the 1971 Remix. This follows suit of the self titled last year. While the original design is cool, why did they simply repeat the purple cover and reverse instead of either utilizing the white variant associated with the remix, or do a different collage, as with the self-titled picture disc? Also, I understand that the original mix is available in the Warner Brothers Studio Box, and I am looking forward to having the remix now on vinyl, but heavyweight black would have been prefreable in the case of the ’71 Remix now reissued. Or, having a double vinyl of both? Not a huge issue. But the concert? That is what I really would love to have in vinyl. Maybe it’ll be a special release later, like the ’66 concert was an RS D release.

Here’s a sample if you are undecided of getting on this bus!

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