It’s been 20 years since Garbage put out their second album! I love Garbage, and their original vinyl releases can be very expensive and hard to find second hand. By a close margin compared to their debut, this is my favorite from them. Unfortunately, it is not without some hesitation that I had to consider factors before purchasing.

Ideally, I would love an affordable vinyl box set containing all their albums (or self-titled through Bleed Like Me, last before their hiatus), and accompaning discs of compiled ‘G’-sides. A difinitive complement would be a sister set with all the remixes. That probably won’t happen for years to come.

When the first album’s 20th anniversary came around and that respective set came out, I was strapped for spending money, and had to pass. I would have loved it, with the disc of ‘G’-sides and autograph, but it sold out before I could pick it up.

I told myself relax, get the Version 2.0 box in a few years. (Complete box later!) Now, I’m able to afford that prior set version here, and there’s different issues.

The Deluxe Vinyl Bundle includes: “The Deluxe remastered “Version 2.0” re-release LP format contains three 180g black vinyl records housed inside a rigid box with magnet closure.
This box also contains a movie-style poster, 4 sticker inserts (‘Push It’, ‘When I Grow Up’, ‘Special’, ‘The Trick Is To Keep Breathing’), a download card and a condom in a matchbook-style card cover, plus bonus items: slipmat and limited edition 20th-anniversary tee. 

For $130 (+taxes, s&h). That’s a lot more expensive than I was hoping. I suppose the reason they divide the album is split across 2 discs is they pressed at 45 rpm, which is ok. I really don’t care about the stickers. The poster is ok, but would have prefered a different image, maybe band photo? What’s up with the novelty condom? I know Manson is heavily involved with Planned Parenthood (which is a very deserving cause), and I hope that reason its inclusion is a portion of sales benefit the organization. But I don’t need it. I do need a slipmat, but the puffy sphere logo isn’t especially a favorite of mine. The t-shirt is ok, but not so much of an incentive balancing the price.

The Standard remastered “Version 2.0” LP format consists of two orange vinyl discs in a gatefold sleeve, with a download card, plus bonus items: slipmat and limited edition 20th-anniversary tee.

For $75  (+taxes, s&h). That’s still a lot for 2 vinyl 45 rpm 12″. The orange is cool, and for all the other gimmicky stuff include in the other bundle, why is the nice colored vinyl only in the cheaper set? Also, the ‘G’-sides of this era are arguably as good as the album tracks, and only available in the deluxe set!

For $20 you can get the remastered album and the ‘G’-sides on a 2 CDs.

ARG! What’s a man to do? I bit my tongue and took the plunge on the Deluxe Vinyl Bundle. This is an amazing album. I highly recommend getting it, even if you can only afford the CD, especially for the ‘G’-sides (they really are that good). To entice, here’s one of the tracks.

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