Back in high school when I started buying CDs, one of the first dozen or so was a funk compilation. I loved hearing funk on the oldies station, and recognized some of the tracks. For a budget sampler, there wasn’t a single bad track. I played that CD ’till it was as scratched as a cat’s post! Tied for first place with Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing”, was the one and only Rick James’ “Superfreak”.

Since then, I gradually acquired James’ complete discography. Not everything can be as perfect as his most famous song, but he tries and often succeeds! I often put on a variety of his albums, and always enjoy them. I also keep half a dozen of my favorite songs always on my ipod, they really are that good.

Of course, it would be remiss of me not to also post the Dave Chappelle Rick James skit. It’s almost a given that you’ll want to watch it next!

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