Part of my month assessment is adjusting the blog. Tinkering with things so that they work better. Step one was revising posts to have clear categories in the title (REPOST, REVIEW, VINYL VISUALS instead of The Beauty of, etc.). More (and hopefully better)things to come, slowly but surely!

I also noticed the notes for my Grateful Dead compilation Monterey ’87 hadn’t been uploaded. Who knows why. They’re there now, for posterity on my selections.

While I was doing all this, The Temptations biopic happened to be playing on TV.

My Mom loves The Temptations. We taped the miniseries on VHS when it aired. I thought it was good, but I don’t know how accurate it is and haven’t really appraised it as an adult.

For some reason, growing up, my family never bought a lot of official tapes. We just listened to the radio (more on that in a different post). I thought it would be nice to make my own soundtrack from the show. So, I spent an afternoon with my tape deck in one hand and remote control in the other.

I’m sure it sounded as bad as you imagine, but my Mom loved the gesture and played that bootleg cassette for years! As time went on, we upgraded our technology, got CD players and started buying albums.

I’m glad the movie was on today. Since it was at work, I didn’t really have a chance to watch more than a few snippets here and there. Maybe I should rent it. It brought back good memories of my childhood I hadn’t thought about for years. The next time I’m at my parent’s house I’ll bring it up. I bet that tape is packed away in a dusty box somewhere…

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