Here’s the first installment in a new series of posts: Vinyl Visuals (edited from The Beauty of Vinyl)! Part of the appreciation of physical media is being able to hold your music. Obviously, an actual cover is great to see in all its detail. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, for example, is almost worthless to look at the size of a CD or on a phone. To make some media more appealing (and collectable, for better or worse) is making it a color different than standard black. Actually holding a record as expressive as the music it contains is cool.

Today, Sun Ra Spaceways! This is a RSD vinyl from a few years ago. Opaque, marbled mostly blue with light wisps of white.  Vinyl from a deep blue sky. Looks great.

I had some doubts if I should go forward with this post, as no picture or lighting did it true justice. I con’t scan a record, so I think for casual viewing this is fine. Having selected from memory a colord vinyl that came to mind first, I’m glad I haven’t had to figure out a unique way to photo a transparent disc yet. Soon…

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