Art Garfunkel
2015/06/19- Tucson, AZ, Fox Theater

1. Theater Introduction- No Recordings of Any Kind!
2. Garfunkel Opening
3. Poem- 3 Takes on Fame
4. April Come She Will
5. The Boxer
6. Perfect Moment
7. Poem- Beau
8. A Heart in New York
9. All I Know
10. Poem- Jack Nicholson
11. A Poem on The Underground Wall
12. Scarborough Fair
13. Garfunkel Talk- Scarborough Fair/The Side of a Hill
14. The Side of a Hill
15. Homeward Bound
16. Poem- A Note to Self
17. 99 Miles From L.A.
18. Garfunkel Talk- Influences/Randy Newman
19. Real Emotional Girl
20. Poem- Creatures
21. Bright Eyes
22. Poem- Papa
23. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
24. Garfunkel Talk- Thanks/Fox Theater
25. Poem- Royal Albert Hall
26. The Sounds of Silence/Standing Ovation
27. Kathy’s Song
28. Bridge Over Troubled Water
29. Audience- Standing Ovation
30. Encore- Religious Talk
31. Poem- S&G ’09 Statistics
32. The Lord’s Prayer/Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep->Standing Ovation

365MM Tape #2. Audience recording from balcony left. Zoom H1 High Quality WAV->Audacity track divisions/labeling/dead air cut->MP3. First generation, uncirculated.

Second taping. Technically, excellent sounding. Acoustic performance was a lot easier to capture without error. The performance is mixed, however. Garfunkel’s voice is recovering, but still sounds magical most of the time. On one hand, it was amazing to even half of Simon & Garfunkel doing those classic songs I’ve grown up revering. On the other, half the concert was absolutely horrid, pretentious poetry and self-aggrandizing name dropping. Compared to the wonderful storytelling from Arlo Guthrie several months prior, this was frustrating. If you can get past (or simply skip) the talk, there are standout solo versions! Enjoy!!lS5ATDJQ!vomK4SGv4it8bce1se_G4w

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