Strangely, the song titles from Iggy Pop’s Soldier album are very telling, but not in the way they were intended. “Loco Mosquito”: definitely heavy on Pop’s trademark quirkiness, but more annoying, like the insect. “Ambition”: great ideas, but somehow lost in the final product. “Knocking ‘Em Down (In the City)”: inspired music giving way to insipid and lifeless punk-by-numbers. “Play It Safe”: ironically wasting guests David Bowie and Simple Minds. “Get Up and Get Out”: almost, ‘it’s ok. You can leave the room and not miss anything, really’. “Mr. Dynamite”: this song/album blows (just not exactly up). “Dog Food”: what you might want to eat rather than listening to this album again. “I Need More”: …good Iggy Pop, not more of this, that’s for sure! “Take Care of Me”: Really, he needs help! “I’m a Conservative”: he certainly wasn’t giving away the good music with this album. “I Snub You”: by buying this record? and if you get the reissue with bonus tracks, “Low Life”: more like ‘low point’ of an otherwise good streak? “Drop a Hook”: he dropped the ball.

This isn’t the worst Iggy Pop album, but it’s also very far from the best. Some of the songs are fair and not altogether annoying. “Ambition” has a great delivery. Very aching and desperate in the way Pop does best. There’s a few good one liners here and there, but then again, there’s far more cringe-worthy. “Low Life” is a catchy little song with a nice melody. “Drop a Hook” has lots of cool synth effects, and could have been worked into a great song, but is a fairly bare-boned instrumental demo here. Nothing essential here, just mediocre. One last thought- Pop looks extremely creepy on the cover. Maybe he was a zombie at the time of recording.


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Basically, if you use my link to buy the album, I get a small cut!

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