Happy Easter/April Fool’s Day! I’m easing into work after a nice three day weekend. Only 4ish hours. I can do that! For today’s post, some of the best Blondie you’ll hear. No joke!

1980/01/12- London, Hammersmith

1. Dreaming
2. Slow Motion
3. Shayla
4. Union City Blues
5. The Hardest Part
6. Atomic
7. Living In The Real World
8. Denis
9. Picture This
10. Die Young, Stay Pretty
11. Accidents Never Happen
12. Love Victim (Victor)
13. Heart Of Glass
14. Eat To The Beat
15. Hanging On The Telephone
16. Louie, Louie
17. I Feel Love
18. Heroes
19. I Feel Good
20. Sunday Girl
21. Pretty Baby
22. One Way Or Another

This is one of my favorite eras and recordings from Blondie! It’s a perfect tape that captures the band at the top of their game. Could easily be an official live album if they wanted to release it. Other than highlighting songs from their recently released Eat to the Beat album, there are a few older classics, and a nice string of covers in the second half. Top shelf New Wave!


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