I’m so glad this popped up for my random album review! Sunshine Superman has to be one of my all-time, top-five albums!It is an absolute masterpiece! For the 3ish semesters I was at University, this was often the soundtrack to my life. That really was a day-glo time when I felt very much on the same wavelength as Donovan!

Everything from his magical lyrics, heartfelt delivery, note-perfect psych rock, and wonderful production, works exactly as it should. This is an expertly crafted, living snapshot of mid 60s swinging London, in all its glory! One might dismiss the starry-eyed Donovan as too gentle from the scene to pay attention to, but they would be missing out! The album flutters from pastoral, fairy-tale songs of castles and queens, to mystical gypsy carnivals, and beyond to acid dripping love affairs; manifesting themselves through space and time.

I actually have several different copies of the album: 1966 first pressing Stereo LP, 1976 Netherlands 2-pack(with ‘In Concert’), the 2005 Sundazed Mono, and the 2005 EMI Remastered Mono CD with bonus tracks. Well, I have the MP3 rip of it. The actual CD became more scratched than a cat’s post! I have to say, the Sundazed Mono LP sounds the best, but the reissue CD has bonus tracks that are essential! Several songs that originated from these sessions evolved and eventually found homes on future albums, but hearing them as they were conceived is mind-blowing!

My day-to-day life may be a lot different than when I was in college, but Donovan, and this album in particular, still live very close to my heart. Almost all the songs are in my ‘-WORK BASIC-‘ playlist, that I always keep on my ipod. I never skip one when it comes up on shuffle. When I have the time and mood to actively listen to a vinyl LP, I always consider Sunshine Superman.

Sunshine Superman

P.S.- I’m new at blogging, so here’s the ineloquent amazon associates disclaimer:

“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.”

Basically, if you use my link to buy the album, I get a small cut!

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