REPOST: The Waitresses 1982/02/13- Roslyn, NY, My Father’s Place

The Waitresses 1982/02/13- Roslyn, NY, My Father's Place 1. Introduction 2. Quit 3. No Guilt 4. Wise Up 5. I Could Rule The World If I Could Only Get The 6. I Know What Boys Like 7. Pussy Strut 8. Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful 9. Go On 10. It's My Car 11. Heat Night 12. Christmas... Continue Reading →


REPOST: Grateful Dead 1969/12/07- San Francisco, CA, Fillmore West (INC)

Grateful Dead 1969/12/07- San Francisco, CA, Fillmore West (INC) 1. Black Peter 2. Hard to Handle 3. Cumberland Blues 4. Mama Tried 5. Easy Wind 6. Dancing in the Streets// 7. /Good Lovin' 8. China Cat Sunflower> 9. I Know You Rider> 10. Saint Stephen> 11. The Eleven> 12. Turn on Your Lovelight Good, if... Continue Reading →

Garbage Concert Review

Short answer... One of the best concerts I've been to in years! Since the concert was out of town in Tempe, my wife and I decided to make it a long vacation weekend and enjoy a hotel with large hot-tub in the room amongst briefly seeing friends and eating at a few restaraunts. The concert... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Black Sabbath- Paranoid

Hands down, one of the best albums. EVER! This is not only a seminal work in the genre of heavy metal, but rock in general. From the opening sirens of "War Pigs" to the final chord of "Faries Wear Boots", this is a masterpiece! Needles to say, this also features the perfect tracks "Paranoid", "Iron... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Marvin Gaye- Here, My Dear

Masterpiece. Difficult listen because of the subject matter, but well worth the effort. Made to cover alimony from Gaye's Divorce, the album is a raw soundtrack to hearbreak. Not for the feint of heart. The special edition has pretty much the entire album represented by instrumentals and alternate mixes that aren't essential, but interesting to... Continue Reading →

Patreon Update

A while ago, I did a review about the Patreon service. I was happily subscribed to the musicial Mike Doughty for about 9 months. A few new songs and a few live tracks a week for about $5 a month. I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, as little as it sounds, I decided I needed that money... Continue Reading →

More New Vinyl Boots!

Probably shouldn't have spent any more money on music, but hey! What else am I going to do, save it for something more important? Getting ahead on the mortgage? Naw! Savings account? Really? Anyway, for about $100 including next day shipping from the UK, I bought: David Bowie- "Berlin in Tokyo" (1987/12/12) Bob Dylan- "Blame... Continue Reading →

(Another) PRE-ORDER Update

Unfortunately, another delay update: "Hello, Regarding the Soft Cell Club Remixes 12" Picture Disc EP, this is to inform that unfortunately there will be a further delay to the dispatch for this item. As previously advised, there was an issue with the production of the test pressing which, once resolved, meant the production run cycle... Continue Reading →

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