GATEWAY MUSIC: “Word Up” Ah, Cameo! I came across this great funk band back in high school on a budget compilation called Funk- 70s, which was ironically wrong about the decade most of the hits came from. Anyway, from my youtube sampling of the band, this is their big hit for a reason, and I can live with that.


REPOST: Black Sabbath 1974/04/06- Ontario, CA, Motor Speedway

Black Sabbath 1974/04/06- Ontario, CA, Motor Speedway 1. Tomorrow's Dream 2. Sweet Leaf 3. Killing Yourself To Live 4. War Pigs 5. Snowblind 6. Sabbra Cadabra 7. Iron Man 8. Supernaut Part I 9. Supernaut Part II 10. Supernaut Part III 11. Supernaut Part IV 12. Guitar Solo (w/Orchid, Sabbra Cadabra[reprise]) 13. Paranoid 14. Embryo... Continue Reading →

Dylan Tickets? Nope!

Well, after over a week of trying to buy tickets, I give up. I'd heard horror stories about Ticketmaster in the past, but had never had any problems. 'Till now. I was on the site the minute they went on sale. First hour, non-stop selecting, in cart, 'oops! It's not you, something went wrong with... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Taco- After Eight

Wonderful album! Though you may only be familiar with the song "Puttin' On The Ritz" as 80's nostalgia or novelty, I think it's fantastic. The entire album, actually, is filled with the unique blend of Taco's operatic voice over mostly older covers with synth treatments, to great effect. Yes, I concede it is a little... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Led Zeppelin- Houses of The Holy

Houses of The Holy is the last Zeppelin album I regularly enjoy listening to all the way through. There are plenty of gems throughout the second half of their career, but to my taste, the sound became bloated and a little too self-indulgent to completely enjoy. On this album, all aspects the band had developed... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Gil Scott-Heron- Moving Target

The 'Godfather-of-Rap' lays down one of his hardest, funkiest albums and doesn't miss a beat when it comes to social commentary. With him, that's saying a lot! Each song is extremely well crafted not just to groove but to and lay bare hypocracies and injustices. All with his silky but powerful voice, the skill of... Continue Reading →

COMPILATION: Grateful Dead- The Ark

Grateful Dead The Ark 1. Introduction (1969/04/23) 2. Hard To Handle (1969/04/23) 3. Sittin' On Top of The World (1969/04/23) 4. Foxy Lady Jam (1969/04/21) 5. Death Don't Have No Mercy (1969/04/22) 6. He Was a Friend of Mine (1969/04/23) 7. Doin' That Rag (1969/04/23) 8. Mountains of the Moon (1969/04/22) 9. Dark Star (1969/04/21)... Continue Reading →

REPOST: Jimi Hendrix 1968/03/07- New York, NY

Jimi Hendrix (featuring Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter, and Buddy Miles) 1968/03/07- New York, NY 1. Red House 2. Wake Up This Morning and You Find Yourself Dead 3. Bleeding Heart 4. Morrison's Lament 5. Tomorrow Never Knows 6. Uranus Rock 7. Outside Woman Blues 8. Sunshine of Your Love Interesting combination. Would have had my... Continue Reading →

REPOST: CSN 2009/08/22- Clearwater, FL

CSN 2009/08/22- Clearwater, FL 1. Introduction 2. Helplessly Hoping 3. Wasted On The Way 4. Ruby Tuesday 5. Close Your Eyes 6. Reason To Believe 7. Girl From North Country 8. Guinnevere 9. Dream For Him 10. In Your Name 11. Uncle John's Band 12. Our House 13. Southern Cross 14. Band Introductions 15. Love... Continue Reading →

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