REPOST: Pink Floyd 1969/04/14 a (Rehearsal)- Southbank, London, England, Royal Festival Hall

Pink Floyd 1969/04/14 a (Rehearsal)- Southbank, London, England, Royal Festival Hall 1. Biding My Time 2. The Beginning ~ Beset By Creatures Of The Deep 3. Variation on Theme from Nightmare 4. Sleep 5. Organ Exercises (The End Of The Beginning) The Man 6. Daybreak (Part 1) 7. Work (The Man) 8. Doing It! (The... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Scott Walker- Scott 4

Great album, but unfortunately not absolutely consistently so to my taste. "The Seventh Seal" (based on the Bergman film of the same title) opener is by far the best, but there are other highlights throughout such as "The World's Strongest Man", "Hero of The War", and "The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated to the Neo-Stalinist... Continue Reading →

Vinyl Moon Subscription Downloads Update

Well, I'm pleased to say that I just got a download code email from Vinyl Moon for my purchase of Volume 46- Cosmic Blues. Quite a bit delayed from the physical product, but very welcome none the less! Another plus from me in regards to this subscription service. Original review post edited to reflect this... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Paul McCartney- Thrillington

As Paul McCartney was working on his early solo album Ram, he also wanted to release an orchestral version. That idea didn't happen right away, and the project took years to actually come out. By 1977, McCartney constructed a persona under which to release it secretly. Heck, to sell the idea, he even took out... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Cake- Fashion Nugget

Cake's best. Utterly filled with catchy hits. Their cover of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" rivals the already excellent original. "Frank Sinatra" and "The Distance" are perhaps a bit overplayed, but still good none the less. Arguably just as good are the deep cuts: "Friend is a Four Letter Word"- as biting as any Dylan... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Judas Priest- Sin After Sin

One of my favorite Priest albums! That being said, it isn't solely Heavy Metal start to finish. There are still some lingering 70s elements at play. I hardly ever choose to play the ballad "Last Rose of Summer" out of context of the album as a whole. But the opening trid of "Sinner"->"Diamonds And Rust"->"Starbreaker"?... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Detonators- Gangster

From producer John Collins, this obscure record from the late seventies is well worth getting! Coming before the digital eighties, these tracks are expertly crafted lover's rock woven with fantastic synths. About half of the songs have smooth male vocals, while the others are instrumentals. What really sets this record on a higher tier from... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Black Sabbath- Never Say Die

Not as bad as its reptuation holds, but far from being an overlooked classic. Sabbath was on rocky terrain at this point in their career, and managed to pull together this album before Ozzy would make his extended departure and Dio would enter the fore. It's not bad by objective measure, but undenyably tired and... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Interpol- El Pintor

Good album. Dark and moody, Interpol continues along pretty much the same path as they had trod before with about the same results. I'm not a huge fan, but I do have a few albums and enjoy them occasionally. Modestly recommended.

REVIEW: Phish- Joy

One of my favorite Phish studio albums! Their reformation and new era is a delight to me, as I enjoy their more mellowed sound and maturity. Joy is delinately a fitting title, as the songs truly radiate the feeling of an old friend once again, quirks and all. For a studio album (often decried as... Continue Reading →

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