GATEWAY MUSIC: “Space Invaders Re-Group” Scientist is THE dubber for me. Encounters Pac-Man is one of his sparsest, most progressive albums, and all the better for it. This song in particular is a top track. Changing focus and looking at the original song from which it was recomposed, is just as enlightening! Take a listen. Awesome! As I dug... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Various Artists- The World’s Rarest Funk 45s Vol.2

I can't speak as to the actual rarity of these tracks, but it is a good set of uncommon funk! Definately a good listen. None of the songs are absolutely essential from the genre cannon, but without variety, what would there be? My favorites include: "Baby Don't Cry" by The Third Guitar; souldful and hard,... Continue Reading →

VINYL VISUALS: David Bowie- The BBC Archives

Before the official release of Bowie at The Beeb on vinyl, this great bootleg appeared. Probably sourced digitally, but was a great package. Good notes, sticker sheet included, and kudos to pressing on a nice variety of colors! For the record, I have bought the official release too; so no boot shaming and support the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Sun Ra- Cosmos

This is an excellent mid-seventies release from Sun Ra! Maybe one of his most accessable, but by no means commercaial in a bad way. Perplexing, bouncy, innovative. Everything you could want from the space-master himself. There are wonderful electronic instrumentations throughout which is never annoying, and gracefully adds to the Cosmic-ness. "Interstellar Low-Ways" and "Moonship... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Joan Baez- Live at Newport

Featuring performances from 1963, 1964, and 1965, this is a wonderful collection. The folk queen in her prime! Great setslists and powerful performances. The last selections feature Bob Dylan. Historically significant and essential listening.

VINYL VISUALS: Marc Almond-Against Nature

This is a fabulous release! The project was crowd-funded and really delivers! Great to hear arcane interests realized for others to appreciate. It was truly exhilarating to contribute, get little video/email updates about the progress, and then have the finished product delivered. The vinyl is literally glittering in translucent purple, the sleeve is signed by... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Jonny Two Bags- Salvation Town

Decent country-rock. Picked this up on a whim, and though it hasn't ended up being a favorite, the few times I have listened to it, it has been enjoyable. None of the songs resonate more than fair bar-band fare. Imagine R.E.M. covering The Band. At least that's what I was left with for a comparison.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Rick James- Deeper Still

James' final album is nothing short of a metered triumph. Not his best, but all things considered, pretty good. After years of incarceration and troubles, he returned to the musical scene with Urban Rapsody; a strong album, but one supported by a large host of guests and assistance to assert not only an elderly star... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: David Bowie- Lodger

Oh, Lodger. I'll probably get a bit of crap for this, but it's not a favorite of mine. There are a lot of interesting ideas. A lot of cool sounds. Bowie's voice is as varied and consistantly excellent as ever. The production is great. Unfortunately, none of these elements come together for long enough to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Ernie Graham- Ernie Graham

Great album! This is to my understanding, the only solo album after Tony & the Telstars and The People. Graham's career never really took off from that decent start. Real shame, because he made some wonderful music. The sound here (1971) fits generally between Moondance Van Morrison and Basement Tapes Dylan. A bit rootsey, a... Continue Reading →

Trojan Box Sets

Been getting really into reggae lately. Out of the many, many artists/albums out there, one label is particularly fascinating- Trojan. I'm not experienced enough yet to tell you the label backstories in the genre. What I can say, is that this label has released a phenomenal variety and volume of compilations. Though the choice of... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Prince- Emancipation

Where to begin? 3 Cds. 3 Hours. 56 tracks of wildly varying material. So, an average Prince record. In all seriousness, this release requires a little background perhaps. Having just been released from contract by his previous label and the legal issues, Prince felt, as the title sugguests, freed. A man with a million ideas... Continue Reading →

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