GATEWAY MUSIC: “Jesus, Etc.” This little song had slipped past me for years 'till I heard it on one of my wife's playlists. Wilco. Good band. I've since enjoyed a song here and there. Listened to a few boots I happened upon since then. For some reason though, I've been content without delving into their discography. Maybe one... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: William Onyeabor- Good Name

I am a big fan of Onyeabor and this is a great album. It is, however, basically an ep. Very short. Each song is a winner though! The title track may be dancy, but is very powerful with a message of integrity. From 1983, this is Nigerian funk electronica; obscure and very progressive. Must have... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Wood Brothers- The Muse

I don't remember where I got this album and was pleasantly surprised when I listened to it again on a whim. The Muse is a solid folk/country rock album. No excellent songs, but plenty of jangly fun to be had with the fertile ground covered by the obvious influences such as The Band, country-era Byrds, Grateful... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Jobriath- As The River Flows

Great album! The story of Jobriath is a fascinating tragedy, and this posthumous album reveals the magic that led to his short lived career. Though still glam, at this point, the songs are mostly short and fast, ala early Elton John, Leon Russel, or Little Richard. I'm sure I'm forgetting another big comparison from the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: urBeats3 Headphones

Recieved a pair of urBeats3 at a work Christmas dinner (ugh...shudder...). Checking online, they sell for around $60 w/o s/h. I'm not an audiophile. Nor am I an expert on headphones. I've only once listened to music on someone else's over-ear Beats years ago. Though the brand is popular, I have read a few bad... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: George Harrison- Cloud Nine

Highly recommended! One of Harrison's best solo albums. This is superficially his 'comeback album' with a Beatles era focused song, plenty of radio-friendly hooks, rocking tunes focused on his trademark guitar, and buttery production. Very poppy, but not sickeningly so. Deeper though, his lyrics have arguably never been better, his voice is on point, and... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Beatles- Let It Be… Naked

One of the first modern attempts at revisionist history for the most iconic band in history. Does it hold up? That's a losded question and one you will have to decide for yourself. The original album was a masterpiece of a band disintegrating under unbelievable pressures and pulls in different directions. A million ideas were... Continue Reading →


Phish Dead Phish 1. Scarlet Begonias > (1983/12/02- Burlington, VT, Harris-Millis Cafeteria, University of Vermont) 2. Fire on the Mountain (1983/12/02- Burlington, VT, Harris-Millis Cafeteria, University of Vermont) 3. Jam -> Bertha (1984/11/03- Burlington, VT, Slade Hall, University of Vermont ) 4. Eyes of the World (1984/12/01- Burlington, VT, Nectar's) 5. The Other One (1985/05/03-... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Ivation Bike Beakin

Since getting back into bicycling, I wanted some tunes for the road. Headphones, even just for one ear are unsafe to me. So, after some research, I settled on this device for about $20 =S/H from Amazon. When looking up the details of my order, it is listed as currently unavailable. PROS: Lightweight. Small-ish (the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Blondie- Blondie

Right out of the gate, Blondie wowed the world! As far as debut albums go, there are very few in my opinion that can really challenge Harry and co. Their sound mixing multiple genres melds just oh-so perfectly and would only evolve more in time. "X-Offender", "In The Flesh", and "Rip Her To Shreds" are... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Thelonious Monk- Underground

Great late era Monk! Though some of these songs are re-recordings of older tunes, the revisiting is definately worthwhile. They remain not too far from what you remember, but played with enough shaded experience as to affect just differently enough. This is perfectly what you might expect from a Monk album: bouncy piano, moody, atmospheric... Continue Reading →

COMPILATION: Grateful Dead- Landover ’92

Grateful Dead Landover '92 1. Way To Go Home (1992/03/08- Landover, MD, Capital Centre) 2. Foolish Heart >// (1992/03/08- Landover, MD, Capital Centre) 3. Wave To The Wind >// (1992/03/08- Landover, MD, Capital Centre) 4. Iko Iko > (1992/03/09- Landover, MD, Capital Centre) 5. Corrina > (1992/03/09- Landover, MD, Capital Centre) 6. Dark Star >//... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Scientist- Heavyweight Dub Champion

Scientist is my absolute favorite Dub artist, and this album is an excellent (but nowhere near best!) entry. The production is fantastic, bending fairly standard reggae tracks into spacey, reverb and echo-laden compositions. The focus here is definately on melody under a microscope, with only minor but effrective vocals. The theme or concept here is... Continue Reading →

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